What We Do...

It's taken most of my esthetic career to learn that the skin is all about addressing the body's needs and root causes. Effective treatments include listening to what our skin is telling us about what is happening externally and internally. Regaining our physical and emotional balance and refueling our ATP to have the energy we need for our cellular activities are top priorities for a healthy glowing skin.

With a decade as an esthetician in a Four and a Five Diamond Destination Spa where wellness of nutrition, exercise, and care of the face and body is a philosophy, I felt out of sorts from hearing, 'Well, back to the real world,' thousands of times at the end of a spa service.

I escaped the corporate spa environment to work with people one on one as an esthetician with a license in Telluride, CO, Oahu, HI, Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA during the following decade. Having overcome my own challenges with acne, sun damage, the hormones of stress, toxins in the environment, a near-death accident and a fragmented health care system, I found a better way.

Amazed at how the skin looks by using gifts of the earth such as light waves, currents, oxygen, CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils, I noticed it also has a positive impact on the way we live and the way we feel. The Skin Bar was created to bring Wellness out of the spa and into our lives. I'm passing on the advice that Mel Gibson gave to me that his father gave to him, "Only the strong survive."

What! Did you think you were just going to love your skin? You can live empowered in your daily life, to take care of you, the only you there ever has been or ever will be in all of the universe.

Schedule your Skin and Wellness Lifestyle Overview today and start envisioning a life where finding the best scientific and natural solutions is simple.