Award Winning ~ Best Sellers ~ Cruelty-free ~ without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or GMOs.

Firm Skin acai berry, blueberry, raspberry vitamin and nutrient-rich antioxidants and hyaluronic
hydrates and plumps skin for a firmer, smoother younger appearance. Marine peptides protect skin
from sun damage and boosts collagen for significantly smoother skin with fewer fine lines and

Clear Skin keep acne under control with probiotics, tea tree oil, lactic and salicylic acids to clean
pores, reduce breakouts, pore size and signs of problem skin without stripping the skin of moisture.
Leaves skin clean, healthy and vibrant.

Eight Greens for hormonally imbalanced skin. Whole plants, flaxseed, yucca extract and stonecrop,
naturally high in phytoestrogens, antioxidants and bioflavonoids reduce acne breakouts, firm,
hydrate, reduce fine lines and regain the skin’s elasticity.

Bright Skin even pigment and restore a luminous complexion with bearberry, stone crop, licorice
root and an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proprietary blend of Swiss alpine plants that
suppress and eliminate concentrated melanin, brightening dark spots while reducing fine lines and
sun damage. Leaves skin more even and radiant.

Detox, Renew, Infuse microgreens defend against drying environmental stressors, while citrus,
rhubarb extract, leafy greens, citrus, kale, C+E and avocado oil reduce the appearance of damage,
fine lines and wrinkles.

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THE GREEN FACTOR every time you purchase one of Eminence's retail products they plant a tree in developing countries
Through our ongoing partnership with award-winning global tree planting organization Trees for the Future, we are planting trees in developing countries throughout the world including Burundi, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. In Africa, agroforestry provides families with the education and tools to create their own tree nurseries. The profits allow them to support their basic needs, while also benefiting the environment and fighting deforestation.

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