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ATP & Cellular Aging

Although many factors are associated with the aging process, ATP, or the lack thereof, is at the top of the list. Studies indicate that by the age of 60, this production will have deteriorated by nearly half. As we age we simply run out of energy.

Researchers studying the biochemistry of aging now believe the process begins with ATP production. When energy levels go up, youthful collagen elastin and other dermal tissue become more plentiful, visibly reducing lines, wrinkles and pore size while adding to skin's underlying firmness.

Preventative aging and improved health begin with maximizing the synthesis of ATP, including the foods and supplements we consume and the technology and products we apply to our skin.
~ David Suzuki President of Bio-Therapeutic


A celebrity secret for nearly two decades. Pure pressurized oxygen with a solution of 87 vitamins, minerals and amino acids increase circulation and metabolism of nutrients. Oxygen creates a prime environment for destroying bacteria and increasing cellular energy ATP for a healthy youthful skin.

  • revitalizes
  • plumps fine lines
  • accelerates clearing breakouts


A fine jet of crystals resurfaces upper layers of the skin while a micro vacuum removes dead skin cells. Increases collagen and elastin growth for more smooth, vibrant and healthy skin.

  • smoothes texture
  • diminishes lines
  • lightens discoloration
  • dull skin brighter
  • accelerates clearing breakouts

LED Light

NASA unearthed the original studies from the turn of the century of 100% safe wavelengths of light and has continued research since the 1980‘s to improve healing wounds and tissue growth in space. Found to increase cellular energy ATP, circulation, collagen and elastin production, destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation providing noticeable skin rejuvenation.

Cumulative results:

  • firm skin
  • smaller pores
  • fine lines and wrinkles diminished
  • improves color, texture and sun damage
  • accelerates clearing breakouts


The earth itself is the original natural energy booster of our cellular energy ATP. Microcurrent technology of tiny electrical impulses proven to stimulate ATP by as much as 500%, can also be used to increase cellular energy and circulation to give your face a workout with cumulative results of muscles maintaining fullness and contours better and longer after each session.

  • firms skin
  • lifts and contours muscles

Age appropriate and skin condition series of sessions and maintaining results is recommended for highest satisfaction.

doTerra Skin Care

Certified pure and potent plant extracts and essential oils deliver results of optimal healthy youthful looking skin.